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Alumnae Scholarship Housing Program Residence Life The Alumnae Scholarship Housing (ASH) program has offered a unique, cooperative-living and low-cost housing option for undergraduate women at The Ohio State University for 80 years. ASH aims to connect students with a variety of resources on campus to further grow and develop academically and personally. Additionally, ASH participants engage in regular community-driven opportunities, including dinner crew, house chores and a variety of traditional events, which drive a cooperative spirit throughout a woman's ASH experience. ASH participants also have the opportunity to engage with the alumnae through the ASH Society. The program consists of 49 women and is housed in Fechko, Hanley and Pomerene houses. housing.osu.edu/learningcommunities/alumnae-scholarship-housing/
Leadership Initiatives for Women of Color and student organization: Ladies of Leadership Office of Diversity and Inclusion Our mission is to foster the development of women of color as leaders in the classroom, on campus, and in their surrounding communities.

  • To assist women of color in developing networks that increase their retention and graduation rates
  • To provide unique leadership development opportunities for women of color at The Ohio State University
  • To sponsor targeted programming that assists women of color in developing personal and academic strategies for professional success
  • To increase college and career access awareness among academically promising and ethnically diverse middle and high school girls
Sorority and Fraternity Life Leadership Sorority and Fraternity Life Through these various opportunities we help our campus community better understand the importance of having support systems for women within the Sorority and Fraternity community. In addition to these resources we have three full time staff members that work with women on a daily basis and offer one on one meetings and conversations to support the women at The Ohio State University. ohiounion.osu.edu/get_involved/sorority_fraternity/contact
Sorority and Fraternity Life Governing Councils Sorority and Fraternity Life Within the Sorority and Fraternity Life community, women have an opportunity to not only join a student organization (sororities) that offer them a large support system both nationally and internationally, but they also join a governing council. Three of our four governing councils have women as members and these councils do a great deal of programming and education about topics that directly relate to women's development. The Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and the Panhellenic Association throughout the year are charged to survey the national trends and create meaningful programs to offer a voice to the underrepresented within their communities. ohiounion.osu.edu/get_involved/sorority_fraternity/chapters
Sorority and Fraternity Life Standards of Excellence Diversity Programming Sorority and Fraternity Life In the area of Diversity we encourage our students to engage in conversations about diverse populations. This both includes women and men learning about concepts specific to women’s identity development. The goal of the diversity standard is to educate our community on topics that deepen the conversations about equality for all within our campus community. Many of our campus partners offering services and programs for a better understanding of diversity include but are not limited to the Office of Student Life Multicultural Center, the Office of Disability Services and Student Legal Services. ohiounion.osu.edu/get_involved/sorority_fraternity/standards_of_excellence
Student Organizations   Search the Student Organization directory to find groups that match your interests. ohiounion.osu.edu/get_involved/student_organizations/directory
Women and Philanthropy at The Ohio State University The Ohio State University Foundation Women & Philanthropy at The Ohio State University is dedicated to educating its members about areas of extraordinary excellence at Ohio State, involving them in the vibrant life of the university, and helping them to realize and celebrate their personal philanthropic abilities. Women & Philanthropy members change the world by investing together in the people of Ohio State and the work they do. osu.edu/giving/philanthropy-programs/women-and-philanthropy/
Women in Engineering Learning Community Residence Life A collaboration between University Housing and Women in Engineering program within the College of Engineering. Focusing on supporting the academic curriculum, University Housing partners with the Women in Engineering program within the College of Engineering to provide undergraduate female engineering students a high-quality academic and social experience. Living with other female students who are studying engineering gives students an opportunity to be a part of a smaller community that will assist them in being a successful student and a successful engineer. Students who participate in Women in Engineering Learning Community will receive focused programming to provide academic, professional and personal growth and development opportunities. housing.osu.edu/learningcommunities/women-in-engineering-learning-community/
Women's Circles Residence Life Women’s Circles are small groups of women who connect and engage in meaningful dialogue about relationships, identity, and wellness. In these safe, brave spaces women reflect on their experiences and find support in one another. Through facilitated discussion, reflection, and sharing, women find a strong sense of community, enhanced self-confidence, and refine critical-thinking skills. These circles will begin in February 2016 and will last for approximately eight weeks with the same small groups of women. During this time, each circle will meet for one to two hours each week. For more information about the goals, purpose, and structure of this initiative, visit the website above. If you’re interested in participating in a Women’s Circle within the residence halls during the 2015-16 academic year, please contact Kara Zarnoch at zarnoch.4@osu.edu. onecirclefoundation.org/WC.aspx
Women’s Student Initiatives MCC Women’s Student Initiatives (WSI) within the Student Life Multicultural Center (MCC) is committed to promoting gender equity by raising awareness of women’s issues, developing women’s leadership, and celebrating women who challenge, motivate, and inspire. In alignment with these goals, we offer student-focused programming to strengthen individuals and student organizations including: Women’s History Month, Women’s Summit, Women’s Support Programming and Women’s Leadership Cohort. mcc.osu.edu/resources/women-s-initiatives/